Harvest season in full swing

The 2020 harvesting of experimental plots at the MSU Entomology Farm began in NF01 on October 31st. The pictures and videos here show this first day of harvest in action! Studying these long-term plots will aid in the development of switchgrass as a crop to produce biofuel that could be used in vehicles. The yield measurements taken during this harvest in particular will allow us to study the accumulation of virus and insect pests that affect switchgrass.

We could not have done this harvest without help from Kurt Thelen’s group, and we especially appreciate Todd Martin for running the harvester. All pictures and videos were taken by Dr. Carolyn Malmstrom.

The plots harvested in NF01 contain a variety of switchgrass types.
The forage harvester cuts the plant materials which are then collected and weighed behind the tractor.
The forage harvester next to harvest materials.
Closeup of harvested material, which is weighed both fresh and dry to determine the tons per acre of dry material.
A swathe through a single plot after harvest!
All of the plots in NF01 after harvest! Photo credit: Bob Goodwin

Written by Ally Brown